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The Veterinary and Translational Regenerative Medicine Company

The founding principle of eQcell™ is One Health.

There are many diseases and injuries that are similar between us and our companion and sporting animals.

Stem and stromal cells holds tremendous promise as cellular therapies or cell-inspired treatments where cells are used to discover molecules for traditional drug development.

eQcell™ is dedicated to the pursuit of new veterinary therapies for horses, dogs and cats and helping to translate this knowledge to human medicine safely and ethically.

Athletes - Patients - Discovery Models

Athletes - Patients - Discovery Models

Companion - Patient - Discovery Model

Companion - Patient - Discovery Model


From Bench to Stall to Bed Side

eQcell™ is a world leader in providing standardized and well-characterized stem and stromal cells for basic discovery and clinical trials of cell-based therapies in dogs and horses.

We are pursuing new diagnostic tools and therapies for our sporting and companion animals in collaboration with veterinary practitioners and  human basic scientists. In turn, these new therapies can provide crucial preclinical data to move on to human clinical trials..

Visit our Veterinary Cell Store and let us provide you with standardized, quality assured cells so you can do what you do best - basic research, clinical trials or veterinary patient treatment.

Are you looking for a partner to conduct a clinical trial or a specific research project? Please allow us to discuss your project to determine how we together with our academic and private partners can help you achieve your goal.

Don’t quite see what you’re looking for? No problem, just contact us and we will do our best to help you.